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The creative decisions for finding a job position

What are we doing?

As a mediator for finding job positions we analyze the main characteristics on the Bulgarian labour market. We provide personal consultations FREE OF CHARGE. We pay special attention to the groups with special needs. CREATIVO PLC develops, organizes and carries out various training programs, offers new flexible scheme for solving problems in the field of employment. We help both the employers and prospective employees to meet each other, defending the interests of these stakeholders.

How are we doing it?

CREATIVO PLC grants absolute freedom for the employer to express demands towards the candidate. We monitor the compliance with all legislative procedures related to hiring. Everybody could apply FREE OF CHARGE. We defend to a maximal extent the interests of both the employer and job applicant. We provide the service promptly in order to satisfy in best possible way your needs – of a job or of employees.


Our clients chose us because we are harmonized with the European strategies for employment. The training programs represent basic element that could improve and change the status of the unemployed or those who seek better option for realization. By means of application of proven European practices, approaches and organizational forms you receive what you need.

They trusted us!

Confide in us!

Everybody chooses Creativo! Contact us!

More than a decade we mediate on the Bulgarian labour market. We help you with seeking your job, and we assist the companies with obtaining high-quality employees.
We are constantly monitoring and analyzing both the characteristics of the unemployed and the peculiarities and prospective of the vacant job positions, thus we aid their fruitful meeting.
We assist in shortening the time for hiring. The practice shows that with our intervention a better compliance between the employee’s expectations and the employer’s demands is accomplished. However, we succeed in gaining maximal balancing and defending of the stakeholders’ interests.
Our crew develops specialized training programs based upon European patterns. If needed, we could offer professional counseling. We could be useful in the development and execution of programs for human resources development subsidized by the EU funds.
In Bulgaria, the mediators on the labour market are subjected to a strict regulation. A License that permits such mediation is being issued on a five-year basis after passing a monitoring procedure. CREATIVO PLC is proud to announce that our last License bearing № 2167 for mediation in the Republic of Bulgaria is issued on 9th December 2016 with unlimited/permanent validity. We are also granted with a License bearing № 121 issued on 14th May 2015 and valid until 14th May 2020 for executing activities as company that provides temporary employment (outsourcing services). In compliance with our scope we are enlisted as an Administrator of personal data by the corresponding State Commission (License № 25502 issued on 7th November 2011). Thus, while you are looking for a job with our assistance, you could be assured about the legality of our activities and about our loyalty towards you.
Our main priority is a long-lasting, durable employment. We believe that there is a suitable job for everyone and the perfect employee exists for every company and position. We are aware of the peculiarities in the contemporary situation on the labour market where the supply is quite various, and the option before the applicants is to be more and more flexible when they choose their professions. We do believe in you, you have to believe in yourself! Contact us!

The leading goal for CREATIVO PLC is to fulfill to a maximal extent the demands of the Bulgarian and foreign employers towards the applicants for the vacant job positions in their companies.
On the other hand, we are aiming at relieving and shortening the process of finding a job and at defending all rights and interests of the applicants.