How are we doing it?

Regarding the Employer

CREATIVO PLC grants absolute freedom for the employer in stating demands/requirements towards the job applicant, observing carefully the compliance with all legal procedures in hiring. The company grants its updated database with job-seekers and at the same time offers new advertising scheme for enlistment of candidates which is developed for every single employer by proven specialists in the fields of advertising and marketing.

The selection of the appropriate applicants is being made by a specialized team in our office for every single position.

An advantage offered by CREATIVO PLC to the employers is that no payment is required in advance.

If no applicant has been approved and hired by the employer, or if the hired person has quitted the job during the first month of the hiring, there is no financial obligation towards CREATIVO PLC.

We are paid our remuneration fee one month after the starting date for the applicant approved by the employer.

Regarding the Job-seeker

CREATIVO PLC defends to a maximal extent the interests of both the employer and job-seeker.
Each and every person eager to find a job or to look for a better option could apply totally FREE OF CHARGE in order to be included in our database. Every single applicant receives full information regarding the employer and the features of the prospective job position. Every single person approved for interview with the employer has the option for consulting about the forthcoming meeting.